What kind of rubrics you can do on Instagram

When you need to get more followers, you can just buy instagram followers. If we’re talking about rubrics, it’s a little more complicated.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The SMM rubric should be made taking into account the individual characteristics of the profile, the needs of subscribers, and the goals of the business.

They can be applied to accounts of different topics. Initially, you can choose a few that are most suitable for you and start working on them.  Over time, you’ll see for yourself which ones you want to keep, which ones to expand, and which ones you’ll have to replace altogether.

To determine which rubric your followers liked and which they didn’t, be sure to keep track of your publication statistics. If you realize that for some reason you didn’t like the rubric, and after a while you couldn’t reach the average level of comments, likes, and saves, then you can replace the rubric with a new one without regret. Test different formats. The same rubric can be exposed in different formats. And sometimes it happens that in one format rubric seems boring and uninteresting.  But everything changes dramatically if you work on pitching.

Types of content

Rubrics can include 7 different types of content, each of which allows you to solve a specific problem.

  1. Selling. The key mission of this rubric – to sell the product, service, deliver STP, to show why the client should make a purchase.
  2. Reputation. Posts of this type should cause in users wow-reaction, to prove that your brand is the coolest and that you have to buy. In this category of content can include various backstages, a demonstration of the brand behind the scenes, stories about the company’s achievements and so on. Reputation posts are recommended to be published at least once a day. If you want to increase your reputation, you can also buy instagram real followers.
  3. Custom. This category includes reposting reviews, contest content, and examples of using the brand’s products. The purpose of such posts is to increase loyalty. By publishing user content a brand does a peculiar compliment to their author and at the same time shows real feedback about their product.
  4. Educational. This rubric allows you to build a reputation as an expert.  It is recommended to publish a post 1-2 times a week, which helps the customer to solve some problem.
  5. Interactive. Such posts are aimed at increasing the involvement of users. This category includes various polls, contests, games and so on.
  6. Entertaining. This type of content is aimed at attracting the attention of subscribers and creating a good mood. This can include memes, photo collections, funny stories.
  7. News. This category of content is needed to keep subscribers informed of the latest news, to inform about promotions, new product releases, to announce events.

Each of the categories allows to solve one or another problem of users. Some publications make people come to the profile for interesting posts and comments. Others sell. Others convince users of the quality of the product and increase brand credibility.