Martingale system in online casinos

Of course, over the years, more experienced players choose strategies that increase the chance of picking up the coveted cash prize. One of the most popular strategies, which, by the way, wanders through all gambling games, is Martingale. Its simplicity, based on the theory of probability, attracts players with its high chance of winning. But in all gambling, there are pitfalls to which you need to pay close attention. About the pros and cons of Martingale will tell this article. If you have not yet found a reliable online casino, try this site

Double and conquer

The essence of Martingale is simple – in the case of a lost game at the roulette wheel or another slot machine, the next bet should be twice as big. This makes it possible with the next bet or bets to return the money lost earlier and earn even more on top of that. When, in the end, the bet is won, the player bets again the original amount for the next game. There is one undeniable advantage here – Martingale allows the player to distribute his bank correctly, that is, this strategy as if to ensure that the player behaved cold-bloodedly and adequately. And, of course, another advantage is that the winning bid after, for example, five moves, wagered previous unsuccessful bets.

By the way, it is not necessary only to double the subsequent bets in case of loss. If the bank allows it, you can triple the amount, etc. It all depends, again, on the bank, which would allow making a few moves.

The antagonist of this strategy is Anti-Martingale. Here everything is exactly the same as in the aforementioned theory, only exactly the opposite. During winning the bet should be nominally doubled, and after losing – reduced. Yes, many players are faced with the fact that after winning begins a losing streak but do not forget that gambling is what gambling is, it does not guarantee a hundred percent good luck in all cases, even when using proven strategies.

A cat in the bag

All of the above – the ideal scenario described in theory. In practice, however, everything looks different. Yes, the theory looks very attractive on paper, and the Internet about Martingale and its antipode is talked about at every turn. However, it is worth knowing that the casino owners themselves are quite familiar with this theory. For example, after any series of 7-8-step player simply would not be able to make the next bet due to blocking. That is, the casino banal makes a limit on bets in a row. And in some cases, when doubling up several times and losing a further bet will be rejected by the casino administration.

The second disadvantage is the unwavering faith of the naive player that, within 3-4 steps, he will be able to return the bank and make money. These are mostly players who simply do not have enough bank for the above stated 7-8 steps. Again, these mistakes are usually made by beginners who haven’t bothered to at least read gambling reviews.


In general, the Martingale strategy is an unreasonably hyped theory that can bring profit but can also quietly take away the whole game bank. To make this strategy work in the casino, you need to converge two factors – the player has a bank of 7-8 doublings or treblings (as anyone likes) and, perhaps most importantly, during these 7-8 steps, the player must win. Only the first factor, as you can see, depends on the player himself. In any case, Martingale is better than nothing, and you can check its reliability in demo games. You can choose a reliable online casino at This will help you test the theory in practice and draw your own conclusions.